Weekend Grilling

It’s been a long week of travelling but we had a great visit with friends and family yesterday, and went to a few sites of Doors Open Toronto this weekend. After playing catch-up, gardening, and making a pilgrimmage to both Hooked and Better Bulk, we wanted a simple dinner.

We started by marinating some chicken in lemon, garlic, and olive oil (including the zest of the lemon, in long, gorgeous strips). While the grill was heating, we made the BBQ potato thing…today we had some small red potatoes, an orange pepper, and a red onion, plus some delicious rosemary.

Patience is a virtue when grilling chicken thighs, but they stay nice and moist and get that great smoky flavour. Served with the potatoes and veg, and a glass of wine, what else could we need?


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