When Grandma Made Burgers, She Said the Future was in Plastic

We had burgers and dogs yesterday – the classic barbecue dinner. Delicious dogs, and our own homemade burger mix, served on whole wheat buns.

For the burgers, we started with some lean ground beef (Royal’s is awesome, and when Christmas rolls around, we can’t wait to introduce you to their Tourtiere Mix).

Finely dice a shallot or some green onions (featured on the urban farm this week). Add a sprinkling of dry mustard, a few bread crumbs or a tablespoon or two of oat bran or rolled oats. Next, a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce. Then an egg and a splash of milk. Mix it all together and shape into patties. We love using an old-school Tupperware burger press to get a consistent shape, and if you put it on a kitchen scale, you can also make sure they’re all the same size for even cooking. (If you go to the link you’ll see the modern-day iteration, but ours has lasted forever!).

Serve the burgers and dogs with your favourite salad…summertime goodness!


2 responses to “When Grandma Made Burgers, She Said the Future was in Plastic

  1. That’s a differently twist adding in oat bran or oatmeal in your burgers. I will have to try that out! BTW, I still have my mother’s tupperware burger press

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