Turkey Soup with Rice

The 1948 Disney movie of Johnny Appleseed talks about all the things you can do with apples. With a nod to the apple song, let’s talk turkey! Turkey sandwiches and stews, casseroles to feed the crew, tasty pasta for a group, and last but not least, turkey soup!

After carving the turkey, we put the carcass on to simmer in a big stockpot. When it was done, we removed any remaining meat from the bones, and added this to strained stock with some aromatic onions and garlic.

Next, celery, even the leaves. Carrots rounded out the flavours, naturally.

We brought the stock back to the boil, and then added some brown basmati rice. Last but not least, what would turkey soup be without turkey? After turning the heat back down to a simmer, we put the turkey back in, gave the whole thing a good stir, and let it simmer until the rice was cooked and the vegetables were tender. We’ll make a meal of it today, and put the rest in the freezer for a cold winter’s day when our tummies need warming.


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