We’re in a Hot Soup!

What do you make on a hot day? Soup! (Well, at least when your garden is producing more Swiss Chard than you’ve ever seen!)

We started with onions and chard from our organic garden, some white beans cooked earlier in the season and frozen, potatoes from the local market, and a chorizo from Ratinaudhfx on Gottingen (merci beaucoup!)


The chorizo was poached in some veg broth, then set to cool. Meanwhile we sautéed the white parts of the onion, the garlic, and the potato in a little olive oil. Next, the broth.


After about 5 minutes simmering, the beans, until heated through.


Next, we sliced the chorizo thin and chopped the green parts of the onion and the chard. Into the pot!



The smell was marvelously overwhelming at this point:


5 more minutes to simmer, and it was ready to serve. Isn’t it good that the weather has started to cool down?



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