DIY Delicious…

It’s everywhere! Messages touting packaged foods that will make my life easier and, it’s suggested, better. Truly, I can’t imagine how. Cooking delicious food is absolutely satisfying. Fortunately, there are lots of counter-messages out there, including those from Michael Pollan (“Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”) And I credit my fellow blogger and Twitter sister, Anne-Marie Bonneau, aka the Zero Waste Chef, with an inspiring house rule,  which I’ll paraphrase as “Sure, you can have that treat, but you have to find a recipe and make a homemade version”.

In our family we are very fortunate to have raised kids who can both cook and bake. They experiment with their own recipes. Adults now, we are provided with delicious things to eat whenever we visit their homes. Do yourself and your family a favour, and make something from scratch this weekend. Your health will thank you.



2 responses to “DIY Delicious…

  1. I also saw similar advice from Heart and Stroke via CBC Health

    One of my young adult children likes to cook healthy meals (at least twice a week). We choose recipes that also can be packed into lunch portions and frozen.

    Now that the cooler autumn weather has arrived, she’s into home baking again. Last night she prepared oatmeal, craisin, almond cookies. Yum!



    • They sound great! One thing I discovered this year is that craisins have much more sugar than raisins, so I am watching my intake of those. I do think it’s more important for them to learn to cook that to quibble too much about ingredients, though!

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