Tuesday (or Any Day) Pancakes

This recipe will have to be updated with a photo later…I’m not making these until tonight!

Mix in a blender:

1.5c/375ml flour (white, or half-and-half white and wheat, buckwheat, rye…use your imagination!)

15ml/1T sugar

15ml/1T baking powder

Stop the blender and add

1 large egg

30ml vegetable oil or melted butter

1.5c/375ml 1% milk

Mix just until moist; add more milk if the batter isn’t “pourable”.

Preheat a nonstick frypan or griddle to 380F. Add a little butter for flavour; stir it around when it is melted. Pour batter into pan, leaving a little room for each pancake to spread (you can make any size you like). When bubbles break on the surface and the edges of the pancake are starting to dry, flip them over. Cook until they are golden.

Delicious with Canadian maple syrup.

Makes about 12, 4″/10cm pancakes

Add cinnamon or other flavourings to batter if desired.

For fruit pancakes, after batter is mixed, gently stir in fresh or frozen blueberries, or sliced apple.

For chocolate chip pancakes, stir in chocolate chips.

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